Our Fleet

Owned Vessels

  Vessel Name Year Built Yard (2) Vessel Type
  SBI Bravo 2015 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Athena 2015 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Antares 2015 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Cronos 2015 Imabari Ultramax
  SBI Leo 2015 Dacks Ultramax
  SBI Echo 2015 Imabari Ultramax
  SBI Lyra 2015 Dacks Ultramax
  SBI Subaru 2015 Dacks Ultramax
  SBI Thalia 2015 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Tango 2015 Imabari Ultramax
  SBI Maia 2015 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Orion 2015 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Hydra 2015 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Pegasus 2015 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Ursa 2015 Dacks Ultramax
  SBI Bolero 2015 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Cakewalk 2014 SWS Kamsarmax
  SBI Charleston 2014 SWS Kamsarmax
  SBI Conga 2015 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Samba 2015 Imabari Kamsarmax
  SBI Rumba 2015 Imabari Kamsarmax
  SBI Capoeira 2015 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Electra 2015 Yangzijiang Kamsarmax
  SBI Flamenco 2015 Yangzjiang Kamsarmax
  SBI Carioca 2015 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Sousta 2015 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Rock 2016 Yangzjiang Kamsarmax
  SBI Achilles 2016 Imabari Ultramax
  SBI Lambada 2016 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Hercules 2016 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Reggae 2016 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Hermes 2016 Imabari Ultramax
  SBI Perseus 2016 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Hera 2016 Mitsui Ultramax
  SBI Hyperion 2016 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Zeus 2016 Mitsui Ultramax
  SBI Tethys 2016 Nacks Ultramax
  SBI Phoebe 2016 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Poseidon 2016 Mitsui Ultramax
  SBI Apollo 2016 Mitsui Ultramax
  SBI Zumba 2016 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Macarena 2016 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Parapara 2017 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Swing 2017 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Mazurka 2017 Hudong Kamsarmax
  SBI Samson 2017 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Phoenix 2017 Chengxi Ultramax
  SBI Jive 2017 Hudong Kamsarmax

Time Chartered-In

  Vessel Name Year Built Yard (2) Vessel Type Daily Base Rate Earliest Expiry
  Kamsarmax 2012 South Korea $15,500 30-Jul-17 (3)
  1. Year built is an estimated delivery date for the newbuilding.
  2. Chengxi = Chengxi Shipyard Co. Ltd.

    Daehan = Daehan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

    Daewoo Mangalia = Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries S.A.

    Dacks = Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co. Ltd.

    Hudong = Hudong-Zhonghua (Group) Co., Ltd

    Imabari = Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd

    Yangzijiang = Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

    Mitsui = Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

    Nacks = Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co. Ltd.

    SWS = Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

    Sungdong = Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Tsuneishi Zhoushan = Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc.

  3. This vessel has been time chartered-in for 39 to 44 months at the Company’s option at $15,500 per day. The Company has the option to extend this time charter for one year at $16,300 per day.

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